Joe. Amanda. Teddy & Miso.

Joe. Amanda. Teddy & Miso.

Joe. Amanda. Teddy & Miso.Joe. Amanda. Teddy & Miso.Joe. Amanda. Teddy & Miso.


Utah, Moab, Vacation, Photography, Photo, America

A Way to Share... On our terms

We wanted to create a space to share our news that was under our control. Platforms like Facebook are unfortunately very good about using all of your information for their own purposes... this site is an attempt to control how our content is used.

Sunset, Beach, Portugal, Abufiera, Vacation

Pictures and Updates, and the occasional opinion

This site will be primarily for posting photos, but Joe may on occasion write something to share. Joe wants to practice his photography and wanted a space to share those photos.

Portree Harbor on the island of Skye, Scotland

Connecting with Friends & Family

We encourage you to continue to reach out to Amanda via the normal channels, Joe will be retreating from social media to focus on his business goals for the forseeable future.